Boiler Makers
Job Description:
BOILERMAKERS make, assemble, and repair different kinds of boilers, steel pressure vessels, vats, and tanks according to blueprints. Their work involves aligning sections of plates to assemble boiler frames, tanks and vats, cutting tubes from metal, drilling holes, and bolting, riveting, or arc welding the sections or structures together.

They are also responsible for preparing sheet metal for welding, stress relieving, and heat duration, and for testing the finished vessels by pumping water or gas through them under specified pressures and observing instruments to detect leakage.
BOILERMAKERS use blueprints, hand tools and power equipment, such as plumb bobs, wedges, levels, dogs, turnbuckles, caulking hammers, arc welders, rivet guns, bending machines, drill presses. They make gear guards, floats, and pans from metal sheet. They set up rigging and erect portable swinging scaffolds using proper slings, chains, hoists, and rope blocks to make smokestack repairs.

Working Conditions:
BOILERMAKERS may work indoors or outdoors, often under conditions of dampness, heat, poor ventilation, and cramped quarters, and on swinging scaffolds at considerable heights. The work involves heavy lifting and manipulating bulky parts into position manually, much standing and climbing, and strenuous reaching, stretching, bending, and pushing and pulling. Hazards of the job include exposure to fumes, burns, cuts and falls.