Drywall Finishers
Job Description:
Drywall Finishers finish gypsum wallboard surfaces(Drywall) to a required Level by taping, coating, filling, finishing, spotting, pointing, skimming, spraying, applying trims, sanding joints, angles, internal and external corners, and all field surfaces both interior or exterior. Good Hand and eye coordination and an eye for detail are required during the finishing process.

Drywall Finisher will also operate tools of the trade and are not limited to, automatic taping and finishing tools, spray machines for level 5, dustless sanders, continues flow units and mixing tools. A skilled Drywall Finisher will be organized and capable of working independently and with others to complete jobs.

Working Conditions:
Drywall finisher needs to be physically fit and capable of withstanding the labor intensive trade. Bending, kneeling, climbing, standing and or moving for long periods of time. Capable of wearing a dust mask and or respirator during sanding or spray level 5 for long periods of time. Lifting up to 75 lbs.