Iron Workers
Job Description:
IRON WORKERS fabricate, erect and assemble the fabricated and structural steel framework structural metal products in industrial, commercial or large residential buildings, bridges, towers and other structures. Iron workers also erect precast concrete structures, metal stairways, fences, pre-engineered buildings and miscellaneous iron. 

Iron workers are categorized according to four different skills. 

Riggers and machine movers set up and rig hoisting equipment for erecting and dismantling structural steel frames and for moving heavy construction machinery and equipment. 

Ornamental Iron workers assemble and install grills, canopies, metal stairways, floor gratings, iron ladders, metal window sashes and doors, decorative iron railings and gates, and lamp posts. 

Reinforcing Iron workers set steel bars in concrete forms to reinforce buildings and bridges.

Architectural Iron workers assemble and install metal curtain wall, sashes, and decorative metal.

Working Conditions:
Most of the work is performed outdoors except in severe weather. The work is frequently in high places, so the IRON WORKER must not be afraid of heights. The work is physically demanding and often requires much bending, climbing, and lifting. The IRON WORKER should be in reasonably good health. IRONWORKERS often work with cranes and other power equipment, to close tolerances, so they must have an acute awareness of the conditions around them.

Possible injuries include falls, burns, cuts and abrasions.  The injury rate is higher than for construction as a whole.Most of the work is done outdoors and is carried on year-round except in severe weather.  There is much sitting, walking, climbing and balancing.  Work is done frequently in high places; nets, safety belts and scaffolds are used.

Interest and Temperament: 
Iron Workers should receive satisfaction from tangible productive results and be able to work to prescribed close tolerances and rigid standards.  They must not be afraid of heights, have an acute awareness of danger involved, and assume responsibility for fellow workers.