Job Description:
Laborers are involved with most phases of the construction industry.  They work with scaffolding, soil compaction, transit and level, trenching & shoring, traffic control, air tool operation and many other assigned tasks.  Their physical skills and common sense are extremely valuable to the contractor in running a smooth building operation.  Construction craft laborers receive on-the-job training and classroom courses from experienced instructors in construction language, care and safe use of tools of the trade, O.S.H.A. and First Aid/CPR.

Laborers will become skilled through training and certification for asbestos and hazardous waste removal operations and lead abatement, in addition to working in such jobs as asphalt rakers, concrete placement, mason tenders, demolition, cutting torch operators, line and grade, pipelaying, blue print reading, and confined space procedures.

Laborers who become experienced in the various classes of semi-skilled and skilled work and have the qualifications of reliability and leadership, can advance to be a laborer foreman, general foreman and site superintendent

Working Conditions:
Most of the work is performed outdoors.  The work is frequently in high places, so the Laborer must not be afraid of heights.  The work is physically demanding.  The Laborer should be in reasonably good health.