Sprinkler Fitters
Job Description:
The SPRINKLER FITTERS are Pipe Fitter specialists in Fire Protection. They install, test, inspect and certify Fire Suppression systems of all types. A Fire Suppression system can be designed, fabricated, and installed for virtually any and all types of structures.

Apartments and homes are now being included thanks to life-safety awareness. The job requires a person with the ability to carry heavy pieces of pipe, tools, and/or materials. To have the ability to work in high places, in ditches, and to have the manual dexterity to handle the tools of the trade.

The SPRINKLER FITTER reads and interprets blueprints, installs, repairs, and performs maintenance on all types of fixed piping Fire Suppression Systems. The work is hard, and requires the DEDICATION of an intelligent and reliable person who is able to make a commitment to a very rewarding Career; both in personal satisfaction and financial capabilities.

Working Conditions:
SPRINKLER FITTERS work hard, in all types of weather, standing, walking, climbing, lifting, bending, kneeling, stretching. Unloading materials, working high, and rigging are also included.