About PACA

The Pennsylvania Apprentice Coordinators Association (PACA) was created to promote and improve Registered Apprenticeship Programs throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The Registered Apprenticeship Programs affiliated with the Pennsylvania Apprentice Coordinators Association and the state’s apprenticeship training funds are run by highly trained and experienced industry professionals, who take additional training courses to keep up with the fast-paced construction industry.

The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for potential apprentices and school counselors to research the different trade paths and encourage engagement to a successful career.

Individual training programs work together with unions and contractor associations for the trade in that region to fund Training Centers. This provides a learning environment that is positive for apprentices and tradesmen who are looking to upgrade and further their knowledge of their chosen trade.

The Pennsylvania Apprentice Coordinators Association encourages anyone who is graduating high school or college, changing careers or leaving the military to contact us in order to get started on building a career to better your future for yourself and your family.