Earn while you Learn

The construction industry’s Registered Apprenticeship Programs follow the earn while you learn.

This means apprentices earn a livable wage, health insurance and retirement benefits while working on a construction jobsite and learning their trade. Apprentices work side-by-side with highly skilled and highly trained journeymen, who teach them trade. Additionally, apprentices also receive mandatory class education, where they learn more about their trade and particular craft.

As apprentices advance through their apprenticeship, they receive pay raises, which reflect their new industry skillsets and education.

When apprentices earn while they learn, they become invested in their training. Earning a paycheck  gives apprentices a sense of pride and accomplishment, as they are able to provide for their family.

Apprentices are also obtaining an education at little to no-cost. Instead of racking up massive amounts of student debt, apprentices are paid to work and¬† learn. Some apprenticeship programs allow apprentices to earn free college credits and a select few could even earn an associate’s degree.

Information about each apprenticeship program can be found within the specific trades page on this site.