Women in the Trades

The abundance of skilled trades jobs make it the perfect industry for women to start their career.

With a Registered Apprenticeship, everyone is treated as an equal. Women are compensated for their knowledge and length of duration in the apprenticeship program, meaning they are paid equal wages as their male counterparts. The long-time stigma that the construction trades is only for men is fading at a rapid pace.

A career in the skilled trades allows women to earn while they learn meaning that while they train on-the-job, they are earning a valuable paycheck. Supplementing their on-the-job training, apprentices receive classroom instruction from trained and experienced instructors.

Completing an apprenticeship allows women to earn a paycheck while they are training for their career. Many times, women who choose to learn a trade earn more over their lifetime than college-bound women.

Women that venture into the skilled trades typically excel and are being found in leadership positions at a rapidly growing rate.

The additional perks of a career in the skilled trades are also attractive; benefits such as health care and a pension, continued training throughout your career, upward mobility and a sense of respect on the job.

Today, women in the skilled trades are:

  • Working full-time
  • Earning a livable wage
  • Learning through on-the-job training
  • Quality training in a classroom setting
  • Earning benefits such as health care and a pension

It is the perfect time for women to start a career in the skilled trades. Program length varies by trade and some may have different requirements. When working in the skilled trades, women can expect transparency about wages. Because of collective bargaining agreements, women can be sure that they are earning the same amount of money and benefits as their male counterparts.