Plasterers (Local Union #526) OPCMIA


Cement Masons have 33 counties in Western Pennsylvania, from Erie down to West Virginia over to Bedford. 

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An interview process is set up where contractors will be invited in to speak with applicants and discuss their interests and where they would fit in best. After this, letters will be sent out to the applicants explaining if they were accepted or rejected and they will have one week to respond if they would like to take the apprenticeship. There will be a pre-apprenticeship program to ensure the apprentices are ready to go out onto job sites and be able to work safely.

Program Length:3 years for cement
When you accept applications: Beginning of March – April. Once a year open application period in March 2nd and 3rd week. One week later, send out times for interviews to take place.
Do you accept online applications? No

For our program, the minimum entry requirements are as follows:

  •  OSHA. CPR. Tools to go out on the job.

Our Affiliates

Cement Mason

Cement Masons work with concrete to shape it into a finished product. The typical work is pouring and shaping concrete into floors, sidewalks, roads and curbs. Heavy Highway – Roads and bridges. Building trades – High schools, parking garages, universities.

Plasterers apply wet plaster to interior walls and ceilings. This material forms fire resistant and nearly soundproof surfaces. This work is precise as plasterers must ensure that the entire surface being plastered is covered completely and evenly.