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Program Length: 4 ½ years
When you accept applications: all year
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For our program, the minimum entry requirements are as follows:

  • A $10.00 application fee is required. (Money orders are the only acceptable legal tender.).
  • Two forms of Identification are required. (This can be a Driver’s License, SS Card, School ID, Military ID or State non-driver’s license.). One form of identification must have a picture. A birth certificate is not considered as one of these two forms of identification, as there is a separate requirement for a birth certificate.
  • Legal documentation of birth. (This can be an Official Federal, State, or County birth certificate or a Passport. Hospital Birth Notices and Baptismal Certificates are not legal documentation of birth.)
  • A signed copy of Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 19 Consent Form (available upon log-in).
  • A copy of your High School Transcript* or GED Certificate* with scores. You may also provide copies of College transcripts or Trade School Certificates for classes attended. (We are not requesting a copy of your High School Diploma.)
  • A signed copy of the application printed from the application website.

Our Affiliates

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal workers work both indoors and outdoors depending on which specific trade they want to learn. It is the responsibility of sheet metal workers to build the ventilation and ductwork systems for a building. They work in an array of settings; from commercial and industrial buildings to homes and apartments to sheet metal shops. They build products from thin sheets of steel, aluminum, copper and other alloys. They then use these products to make installations for heating, air conditioning and ventilation in both commercial buildings and homes. Sheet metal workers are unique in that they can work in the field as well as in a sheet metal shop. Sheet metal workers also possess the ability to manipulate sheet metal into products such as gutters and siding.


Our work includes (but is not limited to) heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as moisture control (gutters, flashing, etc.).

Apprenticeship Training
There are a minimum of six periods of apprenticeship. Each period consists of 800 on-the-job training hours and satisfactory completion of the first year of related classroom training, shall constitute the probationary period. Successive periods will require the minimum hours of on-the-job training hours and an additional year of related classroom training.

Properly trained voice-data-video technician can work on a variety of types of systems, including systems for video, voice and data.

  • Install underground voice or data circuit feeders to entrance facilities.
  • Provide or connect to the grounding electrode system.
  • Install pathways and spaces for installation of low voltage wiring.
  • Install, terminate and test wires and cables, both copper and fiber-optic.
  • Install, test, certify and troubleshoot local area network (LAN) cabling systems.
  • Lay out, install and verify the operation of security and access control systems.
  • Install communications and sound distribution systems.