Union Tradeswomen as mentors in WINC Pre-Apprenticeship

It is no secret that Unions are more diverse and inclusive than their non-union counterparts.  As stated in a 2018 study by the Keystone Research Center, there is 9 times the number of females and minorities in union construction apprenticeship programs versus non-union ones.  There are more than 6 veterans in union programs for every 1 in a non-union program.  …

Women in Nontraditional Careers (WINC) Trades Readiness Program

The Women in Nontraditional Careers (WINC) Trades Readiness Program is a pre-apprenticeship program designed to prepare women to enter and succeed in a Registered Philadelphia Union Building Trades Apprenticeship or other careers in the trades. Please email Erin Hofmann erin@fti.edu if you are interested in learning more about the course.